A&E Family Child Care Home

"Learning through play & exploration"

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We are located in Norwalk, California.  Our indoor space is set up for children to play, explore, and learn.  We also provide a playground with a sand box, play house, play structures, and bike trail.  Our mission is to offer high quality child care and fun learning experiences for children ages 18 months and older.


We are a licensed child care home.  We look forward to serving the Norwalk  community and surrounding communities.  We are inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach.  Reggio Emilia is a small town in Italy.  Reggio schools emerged soon after World War II, when people from the town began building schools for the children.  "In Reggio the child is viewed as strong, powerful, rich in potential, driven by the power of wanting to grow, and nurtured by adults" (Wurm, 16). 


Children do not follow a scripted curriculum; they are free to explore the environment and the materials offered.  When children explore materials they express their ideas, demonstrate what they know, and what they are learning.  The curriculum grows from the children?s interests, which are observed in the documentation of children?s work, mainly through photos. 


Our environment incorporates nature elements and a home-like setting.  Children are exposed to nature elements, self-guided free play, exploration of plants and animals, books, arts and crafts, music and movement, dramatic play, problem solving and critical thinking activities, cooking, outdoor exploration, nature walks, and fieldtrips. 


Children's learning is visible through documentation/photos.  The purpose of documentation is to take note of children's growth over time; for teachers to reflect on children's work and plan future activities; and to share with parents and the community what is happening in our center!


Children grow and learn at their own pace and should not be rushed.  This is why we follow the Developmentally Appropriate Practice.  We guide children in their development as a whole; socially, emotionally, cognitively, creatively, and physically.   


License #198015243