A&E Family Child Care Home

"Learning through play & exploration"


Quotes Being a teacher myself, I needed a good daycare for my son. I've seen more than a dozen, and nothing came close in comparison to Alma's. During my tour of the center, Alma seemed very educated and straight-to-the-point teacher. Everything in the center was clean, well-structured, at children's eye level, and within reach. The classroom was full of real-life objects and incorporated nature such as wood, baskets, and recycled materials for art. I was amazed at the nature-like backyard with various plants, play-house, swings, slide, climbing structure, tricycles, balls, sandbox, and water table for sensory exploration. I could tell how much time, money, and effort Alma dedicated to all this. Alma's philosophy fitted my own view of children as unique individuals, treated with respect. Her child-directed teaching method perfectly suited my son's personality, who loves free play and exploration. He also enjoys circle time, music, and dress-up. Quotes
Claros Family

Quotes As a mother it has always been very difficult to find a child care provider whom you could trust your children with. With Alma, I have learned to let go since she has meet all my expectations. My sons have been with her for a year now. During that year my children have grown to love her and the environment she provides. My boys tell me how much fun they have at Alma's daycare and the new activities they do. I appreciate everything she does because she makes my children so very happy. I am very greatful to have her as my child care provider! Quotes
Meza Family

Quotes When we first interviewed Alma, not only were we impressed with her professionalism, but we felt like we were at home. She not only takes care of the children, but educates them as though they are at school and also provides nutritious meals. Her setup was great and the yard was beautiful. It is always difficult to entrust your children to anyone while you must be away at work, but Alma made it easy for us. Alma is so dependable and trustworthy. We know that when our daughters are with Alma, they are in the best of hands. They look forward to daycare every morning & are all smiles when being picked up at the end of the day. Alma excels at meeting infants' and toddlers' developmental needs. Her daycare is full of music, dancing, warmth, joy, delicious healthy food, and happy children. We appreciate her constant attentiveness to the organization & cleanliness of her daycare, and her extreme devotion to the children. We appreciate her dedication to our daughters' education & happiness. Quotes
Sanchez Family